Job Match Personnel Services
Finding Good Companies, Good Employees

Job Match Personnel Services has been helping area businesses fulfill their staffing needs since 1984.  We can help you fulfill a part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent staffing need, specializing in industrial (skilled and unskilled), clerical and professional placements.



If you have a staffing need:

Place a job order--Simply call our office and notify us of the position for which you are hiring.

Review Applications-- We will forward job applications to you for review, based on the criteria you provided in your initial job order.

Interview Candidates--You have the ability to speak directly with any of the candidates submitted by our office, either in person or over the phone.

Hire that Perfect Candidate--Once interviews have been completed, you can choose which employee you would like to hire.  If you prefer, you can bypass the interview process and allow our staff to select the best candidate for your organization, based on information you have provided.

Satisfaction Guarantee--If at any time, you decide that the candidate who was hired, is not a good fit for your organization, contact our office and we will take care of the termination process as well as recruit for additional candidates.

Referral Program—We offer the option for you to refer an employee(s) to our office and use our services as your own HR department.   This program works well for small businesses and seasonal employers who do not want to carry the burden of payroll, worker compensation and unemployment.  Discounted Rates are available.



Eliminate the following expenses:

Worker Compensation
—Job Match covers all worker compensation insurance coverage as well as any expense associated with a work injury.

Unemployment—Costly unemployment benefits will be covered by our office.

Advertising/Recruitment—On-air and print advertising are used to recruit candidates for your job vacancies.

Weekly payroll—Direct deposit and standard payroll checks are issued on a weekly basis.


Applicant Screening Process:

Interview—we meet, in person, with each applicant to discuss work history, job skills and availability.

Past Employment/Personal Reference checks—we contact past employers and personal references for feedback on potential candidates

Local Criminal Background Checks—Effingham county criminal background checks are recorded for each applicant. (More extensive searches, including Nationwide, are available for an additional charge.)

Pre-employment Drug Screening—Saliva drug screens can be performed in our office at a minimal charge.  Urinalysis screenings can be performed at the local clinic for a slightly higher fee.



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